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Room Air Conditioning

Window mounted airconditioner Custom Vac provides a full range of heating and air conditioning services, water tank sales, and 24 hour emergency service.Room air conditioners, either window or wall mounted are self-contained units that can be easily removed for cleaning and service. When purchasing a window or wall mount air conditioning unit you should consider the following:

  • What is the size of the window or wall opening that will have to be made?

  • What type of window, direction of opening (side to side, up and down) does the window open?

  • What additional cost will there be (cutting of the hole, patching plaster, painting, electrical, etc.)?

  • What size of unit (how large a space or room to cool)?

  • Will noise be a factor? Is the unit to be located in a bedroom or common family area?

  • Will the installation of the unit affect your neighbours (noise transmission to their home)?

  • Are there any security features that prevent intruder entry?

  • Is the air conditioner Energy Star rated?

  • Warranties and who will handle any problems that arise? Many units have carry in warranties so you have to bring the unit in to be repaired and most often not to the company that sold you the unit.

  • Is the refrigerant R-22 or does it contain the new R-410A Ozone Friendly Refrigerant?

So, when looking to purchase window units there are many other considerations to take into account than simply the lowest cost. For example, features such as:


Many of the new units feature touch-pad and remote control, great for people who have reduced mobility. Convenient 24-hour timers, multi-speed airflow and precise temperature control allow additional energy savings to be attained. Most units also have a fresh feature. This is a small air vent that allows a predetermined amount of outdoor air to be drawn into the home.

Adjustable louvers

All units have some form of manual adjustment of the louvers to suit the airflow direction required, higher end units will utilize a motorized oscillating fan that can direct air side to side or up and down creating better air movement in the space.

Security Guards

Special locking screws to prevent unit removal and intruder entry.

Overload protection

To shut down the compressor and prevent the motor from overheating.

Removable air filters

Washable foam or electrostatic air filters to remove particulate from the air are best. This allows for frequent cleaning to maintain the cleanliness of the cooling coils as well as providing cleaner air to the space.

Cabinet finishes

Will the finish be able to stand the test of Mother Nature or will the paint caulk and discolour? Be certain that the paint is over rust proof zinc-coated steel and all materials should be corrosion resistant (plastics, stainless steel, aluminum). If cabinets are made of composite materials, be certain to ask if the material is UV resistant.

Removal trays

Remember all room air conditioners need to be removed and cleaned each year. If the unit is wall mounted, can the insides chassis be pulled out leaving the casing permanently mounted? If it is a window unit can it be removed easily for cleaning and winter storage? Also, will you be able to lift in and out the unit each year or will you be required to have this done for you?


Window or wall mount air conditioners are noisier even on low speed when compared to split-system and ductless air conditioners. However, new advancements with sound reducing materials and isolation connections have made improvements, but without a high maintenance program the quietest operation will not be possible.

While there are many factors to consider when buying a room air conditioner, the number one item you need to consider is, the size of the room air conditioner. Size does matter! Biggest is not best! Too large a unit will not properly dehumidify, resulting in a cool clammy feeling. For the best results select your unit to match the capacity required to cool the space you want (see sizing table).

Custom Vac can assist you in the selection of a unit that will fit your needs and provide a comfortable indoor environment.

Sizing the Room Air Conditioner that's Right for You

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