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A True Zero OPD Drop-in Replacement for R-22

Do you know?

Refrigerant 22 belongs to the family of chlorine refrigerants referred to as HCFC. Canada has agreed to the terms of the Montreal Protocol on ozone depletion. This calls for two major actions.

  1. The phase-out of all HCFC production by the year 2020.
  2. The termination of all equipment manufacture using R-22 by the year 2010.
The New Zero ODP Drop-in Replacement Refrigerant RS-44

RS-44 provides a low cost and easy solution to replacing HCFC-22 by avoiding a costly and technically unsatisfactory retrofit situation. RS-44 has a zero Ozone Depletion Potential, a similar performance to HCFC-22 and can be used with all types of lubricants.

RS-44 in a side by side comparison with HCFC-22 has
  1. Higher Coefficient of performance
  2. Lower discharge temperature
  3. Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
  4. Non-flammable
  5. Lower discharge pressure
  6. Similar capacity
  7. Compatible with existing oils
  8. No equipment (hardware) changes

Relative COPs of RS-44 and R-22

Comparison with HCFC 22

The lower head pressure obtained when using RS-44 provides significant operational benefits, while the higher Coefficient of Performance reduces energy costs and has a beneficial effect on the Total Equivalent Warming impact (TEWI) of the whole system. The significantly lower discharge temperatures and pressures of RS-44 improve the reliability and extend the life of the compressor, and reduce the problem of oil decomposition.


RS-44 is compatible with both the traditional and new synthetic lubricants so there is no need to change the oil when converting from HCFC-22 to RS-44.


RS-44 has been developed for use in all applications where HCFC-22 has traditionally been used including residential and commercial air conditioning, commercial and industrial refrigeration, appliances and others.


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