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Pulse Inspection

Custom Vac Heats Up Call For Consumers to Schedule Furnace Inspections

Winnipeg, Mb., October 4, 1997 - Brian Baker said today, "with cooler temperatures approaching, it is urgent that owners of Lennox Pulse furnaces installed before 1990 have those furnaces inspected."

Lennox, one of North America's leading residential and commercial heating and air conditioning equipment companies, will continue it's Pulse furnace inspection program which began in April, 1997 and has already generated hundreds of thousands of consumer calls to Lennox International. The inspection program is a response to dealer reports of increased instances of corrosion in some Pulse furnace heat exchangers in units installed before 1990.

With all High Efficiency condensing furnaces, a combination of factors such as impurities in fuel or combustion air can cause corrosion of key components, which would lead to potentially dangerous leaks. Furnaces, which are inadequately inspected or improperly maintained, can develop problems, including the possibility of Carbon Monoxide leaks that could be fatal.

According to Brian Baker, President of Custom Vac Limited an Independent Lennox Dealer, "consumer response to the Pulse furnace inspection program so far has been terrific, but we need to reach everyone. The Pulse program ends July 1, 1999 and every week we locate another furnace that required attention, however, not all consumers are aware of the concerns or the program. We are urging all Lennox Pulse furnace owners with affected furnaces to call (204) 775-7744 and schedule a furnace inspection and a safety check."

With each inspection, trained service technicians will perform the recommended 17 point Pulse furnace check, conduct a visual inspection and complete pressure test of the unit's lifetime warranted heat exchanger. While Lennox is subsidizing participation in the inspection program, there may still be some cost to Pulse owners. Factors such as the location of the furnace, the condition of the furnace and service unrelated to the inspection will determine the actual cost of the inspection.

If the warranted heat exchanger needs replacing, Lennox will provide a new heat exchanger at no cost to the owner. While labour costs for replacements are usually not part of the Pulse furnace warranty, as part of this inspection program, Lennox will pay Custom Vac Ltd. a reasonable allowance for installation costs.

There maybe some costs to the owner, depending on the area within the province, type of installation, work required by local code requirements and any other service required not related to the heat exchanger.

For those owners whose pre-1990 Pulse furnace has a heat exchanger which requires replacement, Lennox will provide, through Custom Vac Ltd. an independent Lennox dealer, and at the owner's option, a $400.00 rebate on a new Lennox Pulse furnace. Another option is a FREE G26 High efficiency gas furnace. The Pulse furnace inspection program runs through July 1,1999.

Lennox will provide a FREE carbon monoxide detector, one of the highest quality detectors available, as part of the inspection program.

"Lennox has long been involved in a consumer carbon monoxide awareness program unrelated to this Pulse furnace inspection," said Baker. "Since currently there is no device on the market that effectively shuts a furnace down if there is a carbon monoxide leak, it is important to install a carbon monoxide detector as a safeguard, in addition to annual maintenance and inspections."

Scheduling Inspections

Homeowners can schedule a furnace inspection and safety check with Custom Vac Limited by calling (204) 775-7744. For convenience our phone line is staffed 24 hrs. /day, 7 days/week. A pulse furnace can be identified by its name on the door to determine whether your Pulse furnace should be inspected under this program:

  1. Check for the Pulse name on the door. If the unit is a Pulse 21 furnace, it was Manufactured after 1990, and thus it is not part of this inspection program. However, as with all furnaces, annual inspections are still required.
  2. Otherwise, remove the front door.
  3. Look for the product identification stickers. These stickers are usually placed on the inside cabinet wall on the left side of the furnace.
  4. Write down the model number on the sticker (either G14 or GSR14 followed by a series of numbers and letters).
  5. Find the serial number on the product identification sticker.
  6. Write down the serial number (four numbers, a letter, and five numbers).
  7. Call (204) 775-7744 and have the model number and serial number ready.

All Furnaces Need Yearly Inspection

To maintain safety, efficiency and reliability, Lennox recommends owners have their heating systems inspected at least once a year. The owner can extend the life of the furnace and help stop inefficient combustion and leaks, which could result in serious injuries, by:

  • Inspecting the air filter monthly -- dirty filters cause inefficient operation and could result in premature heat exchanger failure.
  • Watching for leaks and signs of deterioration -- if found, call Custom Vac Ltd. at (204) 775-7744; and
  • Schedule a combustion efficiency test as part of the annual inspection.

About Custom Vac Ltd. and Lennox Industries Inc.

Custom Vac was founded in 1970 by Donald and Bernice Baker, Brian and Denise Baker took over the family owned business in 1995. Custom Vac employs Certified Trained Technicians and is a complete Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning contractor serving Winnipeg and rural areas.

Lennox was founded in 1895, and is an International manufacturer of air conditioning, and heating equipment for residential and commercial applications. The company markets its products through a network of over 5000 independent dealers.

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