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"You had installed our furnace and we were satisfied with the service. Your company also cleaned our ducts."
Vivian McCormick
Hot Tips to Beat the Heat

Hot Tips to Beat the Heat

Maximize your home comfort this summer

Winnipeg, Manitoba - With rising summer temperatures just around the corner, now is the time to make sure your comfort cooling system will help you beat the heat. "Proper care of cooling equipment can keep your unit running efficiently this summer and help you avoid costly repairs," said Brian Baker, President of Custom Vac Limited in Winnipeg.

Most comfort cooling systems require very little owner maintenance. However, operating your unit while dirty can result in an unnecessary loss of efficiency and can damage the unit. "Consumers generally don't realize they play a vital role in making sure their cooling systems operate at peak performance to maximize home comfort and money savings," said Baker.

Hints for the Homeowner

Although it's best if a trained certified service technician handles major maintenance tasks, Baker offers homeowners these tips to ensure a more comfortable summer:

  1. Trim brush and shrubbery surrounding outdoor units to prevent airflow obstruction.
  2. Make sure the outdoor coil is free from grass clippings, leaves and other debris.
  3. Make sure your unit's air filter and blower are clean
  4. Keep in mind that a properly ventilated attic can reduce your systems cooling load.

When Repairs Are Needed - get A Professional

If your unit has experienced a loss of refrigerant or requires a repair, consider replacing the Ozone Damaging HCFC-22 with the new zero ODP drop-in replacement refrigerant RS-44, or if the system is past or near the end of its normal life-expectancy, have an R-410A system installed. Both of these alternatives will result in lower energy consumption and better performance. The one caution here is because the technology in this area is less than 5 years there are many contractors and technicians who may not have been properly trained and therefore do not fully understand the installation procedures. "Be certain to ask for referrals and credentials," said Baker.

"The best thing homeowners can do is contact a reputable air conditioning contractor who employs certified air conditioning technicians to not only ensure that they receive accurate and up-to-date information and advice, they can also check your systems refrigerant charge and all operating and safety controls. Only then will you get a true assessment of the system and know for certain if the efficiency they paid for, " said Baker.

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