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"We have enjoyed a much more comfortable home environment since the installation."
Bob and Gail
Two stage Furnaces
Two-stage variable speed furnaces are a remedy for common comfort problems

Winnipeg, Manitoba - Two-stage and two-stage variable-speed gas furnaces are the perfect remedy for common comfort problems, such as hot spots, drafts, dampness and other challenges.

These furnaces can actually reduce temperature swings in your home by utilizing a technology called two-stage heating. This allows the furnace to operate at two levels of heat, low and high, instead of just high like traditional furnaces in the past.

"Think of the feeling that you get when you're wrapped in your favorite blanket. Well, with two-stage furnaces, that sense of warmth and security for your entire home, can be realized," said Brian Baker, President of Custom Vac Limited in Winnipeg.

The variable-speed technology of many two-stage gas furnaces let you take control of your comfort and your energy bills. This feature ensures that your home receives the precise amount of air required to keep you and your family comfortable. Besides providing exceptional comfort, this technology also saves you money on your energy bills because the efficient variable-speed motors consume significantly less electricity than standard furnace motors. "Variable -speed technology is like insurance for home comfort the way you prefer it," said Baker.

Dimension furnaces can also improve indoor air quality. You can comfortably, effectively and quietly improve air circulation by using the furnace's dedicated low speed for continuous fan operation. This feature works perfectly with indoor air quality products, such as humidifiers or air cleaning devices, because air is continually circulated through them at a slower speed.

These products also offer a feature not found in older furnaces: HSI (hot surface ignition) system. Many of these systems are now using "adaptive technology" through the use of an integrated control module that determines the least amount and precise amount of energy needed to light the burners, without overheating the ignition - a common failure of other ignition systems," said Baker. In fact the technology has so dramatically improved that many of the newest igniters are made of a virtually unbreakable material - silicone nitride - that increases its durability and life. No other hot surface ignition system is as reliable.

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