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"We recently updated our furnace. Weren't quite sure what to get. We got a quote from 4 different companies including Custom Vac. Out of all the contractors, Custom Vac, Brian took the time to explain each component & the benefits to us going with them. Custom Vac's quote was by far the most expensive, but they added many extras into their quote that no one else suggested. As well, my wife felt at ease with Custom Vac, Brian actually treated her with respect & answered all her questions. This was a very important aspect in our decision process."
Kevin Hangregan
Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor air quality, or IAQ as it is most often referred to, requires a sound understanding of the "house as a system." It is a concept that has been developed over time. “The House as a System" says that if you do something to your home like install a bathroom fan, it could possibly cause the chimney to down draft (back draft) and introduce products of combustion that would seriously affect your health. So, if you alter one thing in your home, there can be an adverse reaction to it.

Airborn bacteria is a serious health risk, it is good to have your indoor air quality tested - Custom Vac provides a full range of heating and air conditioning services, water tank sales, and 24 hour emergency service.


Maintaining a clean house in terms of air quality is not simple. The indoor conditions and what is going on in regard to activities, lifestyle, etc. all play a role in the health needs of the occupants and condition of the home. As a homeowner, an effort is required on your part to help identify problem sources in your home and to take corrective measures.


The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation has an excellent publication "The Clean Air Guide", an excellent resource that walks you through how to identify and correct indoor air problems.


Custom Vac's technicians attended seminars on IAQ. As a refresher but always something new, for example, like how the new windows and their high efficient glazing may be a contributing factor to mood swings or how new and better chemically free building products are becoming more readily available.


IAQ can only be solved working in partnership with you the consumer. Custom Vac in this partnership can utilize the expertise of individuals who actually perform air tests within a home, office or building and prepare a set of written recommendations. J. L. Hockman Consultants Inc. is an excellent resource that we have been able to draw upon from time to time. Custom Vac wants to make it clear that not all-remedial IAQ work in a problem home involves us.


Some recommendations may include the removal old walls that have been penetrated by moisture or mould, or simply removing old papers and books or chemicals from the home. Alternate suggestions may be to make minor adjustments to the way in which a ventilation system is maintained and operated. In any event, our job is to act in your best interest, regardless of the extent of our involvement.


IAQ and the hype that surrounds the issue is good, however, make certain to do your homework and hire professionals like Custom Vac Limited and their consultants. If you need more information about IAQ or would like someone to visit your home and meet to discuss some of the problems that you are encountering, feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone anytime.


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