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"We are pleased with the quick and efficient way the air conditioner was installed and how well it cools the house. As seniors we've also noticed it has benefited our breathing."
Walter & Esther Kretchmer
Natural Gas Furnaces

Custom Vac offers a wide selection of Natural Gas furnaces with a variety of efficiency ratings to match every need. What's right for you depends on your particular comfort requirements and a variety of other factors, such as how long you plan to live in your home, your lifestyle, availability of energy resources in your area, and price. Whatever you choose, we want you to make an informed decision. Custom Vac will be there to help if you have questions.


Measuring the energy efficiency of heating products is straightforward. Just look for the rating. The major rating to keep in mind is AFUE - Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. In other words, it measures a gas furnace's efficiency in converting fuel to heat energy.

Look for EnerGuide labels on products and in literature. Both will clearly display the efficiency of the model you are looking at compared to range of products efficiencies available in its classification.

EquipmentLennox Gas Furnace

Selecting the right home heating equipment can be a confusing and frustrating task. Efficiencies, features and price are all factors, but in the end you want quality equipment you can rely on. That's why Custom Vac offers three tiers of products. You can think of them as Good, Better and Best!

The Best (92-95% efficiency)

When you want comfort without compromise, the top of the line models are the way to go. They have the highest efficiencies, most innovative designs and cutting edge technology combined to create exceptional heating that offer unsurpassed comfort.

Top of the line models offer two-stage or modulating gas controls complete with variable airflow design. The variable speed airflow design uses a "smart motor", which means its speed varies depending upon your homes heating requirements. And, it does it so quietly you may not even know it is running.

The variable speed Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) operates very efficiently and quietly, particularly during first stage or low heat operation. An ECM motor saves approximately 70% of the energy, compared top a conventional motor. This means that in less than two-years the motor will pay for itself. Not a bad return on investment (ROI).

During continuous fan operation, the blower operates at 50% of its set airflow, minimizing sound. Another valuable feature, is when the variable speed furnace operates at slower speed, your indoor air quality is likely to improve. The slower fan speed means more unwanted particulates cling to the filters surfaces, allowing cleaner air to flow into your home.

In a conventional single stage furnace, return air is pulled through the filter at a consistently high rate of speed. This lessens the filter's ability to collect dust and allergens. This is why in those instances Custom Vac installs a larger return air drop duct and 90-degree elbow with turning vanes. It's important to slow down the airflow rate allowing the filters surface a chance to remove the particulate. In addition to better air cleaning is a quieter system due to reduced airflow velocity.

NOW FOR THE BONUS, EXTRA COOLING - If you have a central air conditioner, you will really feel the difference with the enhanced cooling feature. This feature offers greater comfort during cooling because air moves over the coil more slowly at start up which allows the coil to cool down rapidly, resulting in increased moisture removal.

So, why chance your comfort and peace of mind dealing with anyone else, when you can be assured of the excellence associated with Custom Vac.

Better (92-95% efficiency)

Higher efficiency at a lower cost. These furnaces offer similar two-stage gas controls offering energy-saving efficiencies and warranties without the added comfort upgrades. You still get the energy savings on the gas side at your desired comfort level and cost.

One of the first things you'll notice about the mid range products, is what you don't notice: a lot of noise. Two-stage gas controls, two speed blowers and fully insulated cabinets make these units quieter than base level units.

The next thing you will notice is the money saved while being more comfortable. If you have a gas furnace 10 years old or more (60-80AFUE), about 30-40% of every dollar you spend for heating is going to waste. The good news is Custom Vac has a product to meet your needs.

The mid-range products offer two speed permanent split capacitor (PSC) blower motors. That means that they operate at two speeds, high or low, to combine the perfect level of comfort with the most efficiency.
Keep your home warm for less, with a more efficient gas furnace.
The beauty of two-stage heating is that during those transitional seasons that require just a little heat to take the chill out of the air. There is no need to use the full capacity of the furnace. Rather than overwhelm with a full blast of heat these mid range products respond with a preheat stage, warming the heat exchangers before circulating air throughout the house. Then, the blower starts at low speed, gently and efficiently warming your home without short cycling, the frequent starting and stopping common to many single stage furnaces. Many homes are able to heat the home on low-stage for 60-70% of the time.

In more extreme temperatures, the two-stage gas valve increases the fuel flow and the blower switches to high speed for maximum comfort. At the end of the cycle after the fuel shuts off, the blower continues to run a few seconds, gleaning the remaining heat out of the exchanger before shutting off. You enjoy all the heat you've paid for.

Good (92-95% efficiency)

Quality at an affordable price is what you get with baseline equipment. Crafted with the same quality, baseline products can provide outstanding comfort and reliability at a price you can afford.

If your old gas furnace is more than 10 years old, it's probably about 55% efficient. That means that your furnace wastes as much as 45% of the available heat, and you loose 45 cents of every heating dollar you spend.

Through sweeping, innovative engineering efforts by the HVACR Industry, new developments and advancements in furnace technology continue. Quieter, more efficient, and incorporating "smart control technology" to mention a few mean increased comfort, efficiency and reliability.

"Smart controls" are fully integrated microelectronic systems that anticipate all the needs of comfort, efficiency, safety and reliability. These self-diagnostic controls orchestrate all the functions. Things like induction venting return airflow, pre-heat stage (which heats the heat exchanger prior to moving heat throughout the house). In fact these "smart controls" talk to all the systems in the furnace, responding to changes. Listening to the things like the thermostat and the gas valve, it ensures the proper combustion and gas flow. Shutting down the appliance for safety, if there is ever a problem it red flags the trouble for easy repair.

Also, recent changes by manufacturer’s to incude ECM motors on even the base entry level models will allow individuals to take advantage of the great electrical savings of operating the blower motor without having to purchase the better or best models. The result is greater affordability while still being able to reduce your energy costs.

At Custom Vac, we are always looking for new ways to keep you comfortable. Over the years, we have introduced numerous innovative products, some which go far beyond simply heating and cooling your home.

Picture your home with the quietest furnace available. One that provides outstanding comfort and uses less energy yet operates as quietly as a candle flame. Along with a company whose prompt, courteous and professional service you can rely on.

Are you just imagining these things? Well, at Custom Vac we not only imagined them, we have spend our entire time in business selling, installing and servicing innovative products. And along the way, we have worked to pioneer new Industry Standards and captured a long list of Industry firsts.

In the late 80's Government regulations imposed minimum efficiencies for furnaces at 80% and the so-called "standard furnace" went away. Since that time the continued cost of energy has escalated and as of December 30, 2009 the Province of Manitoba enacted the Energy Act requiring that gas furnaces must meet the new minimum of 92%. This is 2% higher than the Federal Governments minimum standard. Looking into future as we did in the past, Custom Vac predicts that even more stringent standards will be set that will incude not just minimum product standards but performance or installation standards because furnaces are not just boxes they require proper installation and set-up in order for the true efficiencies to be realized. This first step has taken 10 years from the time of the Federal Governments report titled, "Market and Economic Analysis of Residential Gas Furnace Efficiency Levels in Canada" final report 1999. This report looked into the impact on the marketplace and consumers if minimum efficiencies were raised to 90%.

If consumers look at the costs of energy today using very conservative estimates on future energy costs, they will see that the value. The return on investment (ROI) is better than investing their money in the bank. Other issues such as tighter homes and larger exhaust devices used in homes today are pushing the mid-efficiency products out of the marketplace due to their potential to spill harmful products of combustion into the home. (See News Releases "Depressurization A Serious Safety Concern," for a better understanding of the issue.

Custom Vac Limited remains committed to search for new ways to make your indoor environment more comfortable. Our search continues into our second quarter century, because, at Custom Vac, we believe there are always better ways to make you more comfortable.

We have provided hyper links that will allow you to view the features and benefits of the products that we feel can meet your needs. If you would like to book an in home appointment to discuss your requirements please do so by e-mail or for even faster response, pick up the phone and call our office.

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