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Electric Furnaces

As the cost of energy increases, more homes are being renovated, or built exceeding energy efficient guidelines. These very tight homes pose many challenges to the use of traditional fossil-fuel burning appliances making electric heat a very attractive solution. In addition, as newer technologies and control systems are built and proven electric furnaces like all other furnaces will implement these improvements thereby further reducing energy consumption.

When you want comfort without compromise, the top of the line models are the way to go. They have not only the highest efficiencies their designs incorporate cutting edge technology to create exceptional heating that offers unsurpassed comfort. The introduction of the Integrated Combo Heating System "Clean Air Furnace that incorporates both heating and ventilation, while using the new "smart motor" technology is proof of this.

Top of the line models offer staging of the elements and in the near future homeowners should be able to have variable airflow design. The variable speed airflow design uses a "smart motor", which means its speed varies depending upon your homes heating requirements. And, it does it so quietly you may not even know it is running.

The variable speed Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) operates very efficiently and quietly, particularly during first stage or low heat operation. An ECM motor saves approximately 70% of the energy, compared top a conventional motor. This means that in less than two-years the motor will pay for itself. Not a bad return on investment (ROI).

During continuous fan operation, the blower operates at its lowest possible airflow, minimizing sound. Another valuable feature, is when the variable speed furnace operates at slower speed, your indoor air quality is likely to improve. The slower fan speed means more unwanted particulates cling to the filters surfaces, allowing cleaner air to flow into your home. Diagram of conventional home electric furnace - Serving Winnipeg and area since 1970, Custom Vac provides a full range of heating and air conditioning services, water tank sales, and 24 hour emergency service.

In a conventional electric furnace, return air is pulled through the filter at a consistently high rate of speed. This lessens the filter's ability to collect dust and allergens. This is why in those instances Custom Vac installs a larger return air drop duct and 90-degree elbow with turning vanes. It's important to slow down the airflow rate allowing the filters surface a chance to remove the particulate. In addition to better air cleaning is a quieter system due to reduced airflow velocity.

NOW FOR THE BONUS, EXTRA COOLING - If you have a central air conditioner, you will really feel the difference with the enhanced cooling feature. This feature offers greater comfort during cooling because air moves over the coil more slowly at start up which allows the coil to cool down rapidly, resulting in increased moisture removal.

So, why chance your comfort and peace of mind dealing with anyone else, when you can be assured of the excellence associated with Custom Vac.

Some of the features to look for are.

  • Nickel-chrome elements provide extremely high thermal efficiency. The benefit is high reliability and low maintenance.

  • Time delays sequencers to stage elements in intervals to prevent power surges.

  • Fan relays that allow the installation of central air conditioning with no additional wiring.

  • Safety limits for each element to protect against reduced airflow caused by dirty air filters or in the unfortunate event of motor failure.

  • Return air sizes capable of accepting more efficient air filters (pleated or electronic air cleaner).

  • Multi-speed permanently lubricated blower motor or Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) designed to offer additional energy savings and comfort. Blower rubber isolation mounting and precision balanced blowers for quiet operation.

  • Continuous blower switch allows for low speed operation. This feature offers better air circulation while at the same time improving air filtration.

  • Energy saving "mild/cold" weather switch disconnects power to approximately half of the elements, so that during warm weather the heating capacity can more closely match the home requirements. This can be accomplished either manually or automatically by using an outdoor thermostat. One down fall of electric furnaces that Custom Vac finds is that they are most often oversized which means they heat up and cool down too quickly, resulting in very poor comfort. Anyone who has an oversized electric furnace will probably agree.

Electric furnaces can be installed almost anywhere, are 100% efficient, simple to install, quiet, and most of all, will offer years of comfort when combined with an outdoor thermostat and central air conditioner. The high reliability and life expectancies of electric furnaces make them an excellent choice. You will also pay less city tax on your electric bill if your home has all electric appliances.

Custom Vac Limited has been installing electric furnaces since 1970 working with the customer electrical contractor or with our electrician George Waite, president of George M. Waite Electrical Services. You can find George M. Waite Electrical Services listed on the "Consumer Resource Center" section on our site.

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