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System Analysis - Carbon Monoxide

CCarbon Monoxide Detectors save lives - Custom Vac provides a full range of heating and air conditioning services, water tank sales, and 24 hour emergency service.ustom Vac Technicians are regularly called upon to handle the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO) situations, routine CO inspections, installation or repair evaluations and homeowner alarms. Dealing with the number one cause of accidental poisoning in North America means Custom Vac's Technicians have to be prepared to assess the dangers of a gas that cannot be detected by human senses, and which produces symptoms that are often mistaken for the common flu.


Custom Vac uses the latest models of approved Carbon Monoxide response kits and detectors that meet the standards defined by Underwriters Laboratories Inc., American Gas Association, and the International Approval Service."

Custom Vac endorses the use of Carbon Monoxide detectors in all homes or buildings that utilize fossil fuel burning appliances and continues to ensure that all of its employees understand the hazards by enrolling their Technicians in continuing educational courses.


Ten top tips that most consumers do not know:

1. Carbon monoxide detectors do NOT function as smoke detectors

2. Smoke detectors do Not work as carbon monoxide detectors.
3. Only select detectors, which are officially approved (and kite marked where appropriate) to at least one of the major CO Alarm standards. Which are UL2034 (American) EN50291 (European) & BS7860 (British).
4. Follow Manufacturer's recommendations for the number of detectors and the placement throughout your home.
5. Treat all activations as real, and get the activation checked out by a professional
6. Evacuate everyone from your home immediately, leaving the door open for ventilation on your way out.
7. Notify the fire service from a Neighbours home.
8. Test CO detectors at least once a month, following the Manufacturer's instructions.
9. Replace CO detectors and batteries according to the Manufacturer' s instructions. (Good practice is to purchase new CO detectors every five years).
10. If you are looking to buy carbon monoxide detector look carefully at the date code, make certain that it is an approved model, and be certain to have all your fossil fuel burning appliances inspected, cleaned and adjusted annually by Qualified Trained Technicians.

If you are concerned about the potential for carbon monoxide or depressurization and would like your home tested, Custom Vac can provide this service. Contact us by phone or e-mail. For more information ‘click” on the hyperlinks that we have provided for you or visit our News Releases section, or the FAQ.

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Indoor Air Quality - Carbon Monoxide


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