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"We are pleased with the quick and efficient way the air conditioner was installed and how well it cools the house. As seniors we've also noticed it has benefited our breathing."
Walter & Esther Kretchmer

Hydronic hot water boiler systems - Serving Winnipeg and area since 1970, Custom Vac provides a full range of heating and air conditioning services, water tank sales, and 24 hour emergency service. While hydronic (wet heat) hot water boiler systems are not the most common way to heat homes in Manitoba they are certainly, not unknown either. As large open area concepts in new housing gains in popularity, so too does in-floor-heating systems. In addition, as the cost of energy continues to rise, more homes are renovated with better windows, doors and insulation, resulting in oversized boiler systems destined for the scrap heap.

The heat produced by hot water boilers from a comfort side is second to none. Homes heated with hydronic heat offer the most, clean, quiet, comfortable, indoor environment possible.

What about air conditioning?

The introduction of the ductless split air conditioning systems makes it possible to maintain that clean, quiet and comfortable indoor environment year round without having air and dirt blown around.

What about indoor air quality?

Hydronic heated homes are considered "jewels" to individuals who suffer with upper respiratory ailments. No dust, dirt and debris are circulated throughout the home, and the fact that many of these homes have hardwood or ceramic floors. These homes are typically much healthier to live in.

Hydronic heating systems and boilers have an amazing life span exceeding 35 years as compared to a Natural Gas forced air system of 16-20 years. Maintenance issues are less with a hydronic system, which means that more of your hard-earned money stays within your pocket.

Weil-McLain boilers are available in natural gas, propane, oil and electric. These high quality boilers are made of cast iron sections for efficiency, durability and long life. Many Weil- McLain boilers last longer than 35 years. Weil-McLain offers boilers in standard packages with options, such as spark ignition and flue dampers. Their high-efficiency boilers offer the ultimate in hot water heating. All Weil-McLain boilers are warranted for 20 years and homeowner protection plans are available that cover all parts and labour.

If you haven't considered a newer more efficient boiler yet, you should. You'll be pleasantly surprised to know just how much more energy efficient and comfortable you can be. Not to mention how much more of those hard earned dollars that you can keep in your pocket.

Custom Vac has been replacing and retrofitting hot water boiler systems since 1970 and has used exclusively the Weil-McLain line of quality boilers.

Even though we do not install complete new systems or newer in-floor heating systems, we do work with companies who have the knowledge and expertise to address your needs. Technology is rapidly changing in the hydronics area every day. So, it makes sense for us to work with companies who specialize in these areas rather than try to be everything to everyone.

Are there ways that I can save money with my old boiler?

Absolutely. You can make certain that you have the boiler cleaned and serviced annually. This to ensure that the operating and safety controls are all in good working order and that the heating surfaces are clean and free from soot. Lower the temperature setting in the home. Set back the heat in the home at night. And reduce the boiler water temperature in mild weather. Reducing the boiler water temperature can be a hassle if you don't have some form of automatic control to do this for you.

Beckett Corp. has what they call a "Heat Manager," a control that can be easily retrofitted on any gas, propane or oil boiler saving between 10-20% of the annual fuel consumption of the appliance. The "Heat Manager is an intelligent boiler control that is wired into the boiler control system. It uses a single, easily installed strap-on temperature sensor attached to the boiler supply (out flow) pipe to measure the boiler water temperature. Each time the boiler shuts off, either due to high-limit or end-of-heat call, the sensor measures the rate that the boiler water temperature is declining, which is a direct representation of the heat load. For instance, a fast temperature drop of the boiler water corresponds to a heavy heat load and slow temperature drop corresponds to a light head load.

At the next call for heat, the heat manager determines if there is enough residual heat left in the boiler from the previous heating cycle to keep up with the measured heat load. If the "Heat Manager" detects heat, it will delay the burner firing and allow the preheated water in the boiler to circulate. Only when the boiler water temperature is no longer sufficient to sustain the heat load will the "Heat Manager" allow the burner to fire.

Simple to install with no programming or follow-up visits needed, and better yet a technician can complete the retrofit in approximately 1-hour or less.

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