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"I have had Custom Vac install two air conditioners in my home. I have had them service my furnace when required and just recently had them install a new Trane furnace in my home. I picked the Trane because Custom Vac's employee pointed out the benefits of this brand with regards to the size and layout of my home. Custom Vac did an excellent job and checked extras such as the air conditioner, humidifier, new chimney liner, etc. Custom Vac also offers 24 hour emergency service and I had occasionally used this service with my old furnace. I will continue using Custom Vac if and when I need help. I would not fail to recommend them for any job they undertook."
Henry C. Turner
What is the advantage of Two-Stage Heating?

What is the advantage of Two-Stage Heating?

We're glad you asked!

Thanks to the innovation of two-stage heating, it is possible for your home to be cozier than ever while saving money on your energy bill in the process.

What is Two-Stage Heating?

Do you sometimes find it challenging to obtain the ideal temperature within your home during the winter months? First it¹s cold so you turn up the thermostat, which starts the furnace; then it¹s hot so you turn it down again.

Traditional furnaces are designed to heat your home, and keep you warn during the coldest weather in your climate, therefore, they operate at one level ­ high. However, even during winter, temperatures fluctuate and many winter days can be somewhat mild.

Unlike traditional furnaces that turn on and run at full capacity with each demand for heating, two-stage furnaces operate like two separate furnaces to maintain more consistent comfort in your home. The unit starts out running in its first stage, and operates at about 68% of its heating capacity. This reduced capacity is sufficient to warn your home on mild winter days. But when the temperature outside really drops, the furnace adjusts itself to full capacity (second stage) to meet the demand for heat within the home. It¹s kind of like having two furnaces for the price of one. With two-stage heating you won't have to keep adjusting the thermostat.

What are the advantages of Two-Stage Heating?

Consistent Comfort: Thanks to two-stage technology, the temperature inside your home should vary only a few degrees versus the larger temperature swings that are common with traditional furnaces.

Quiet Comfort: Because a two-stage furnace starts in it¹s first stage, when the level and amount of heat required is lower, and runs in this stage the majority of the time, it greatly reduces the noise associated with furnace's that turn on and run full blast. Two-stage technology means quiet comfort.

Improved Air Filtration: A two-stage furnace provides more consistent airflow comes improved air filtration, which means you¹ll breathe easier with two-stage heating.

Efficient Operation: Because the furnace spends majority of its time operating in its lower capacity, first, stage, it burns less fuel than a traditional furnace that always runs at full capacity and then shuts off when heating demand is met.

Is a Two-Stage Furnace right for me?

Ask you're self-these questions: How much time do you and your family spend inside your home? Did you take time and care to pick furniture, appliances, and other items that met your life-style and made you feel comfortable? Then why wouldn't you do the same thing with your heating equipment?

Although you can't see the air and temperature within your home you certainly can feel it. It affects you every day. A two-stage furnace can provide preferred comfort within your home despite the range of weather outside your home.

If you want and expect high-level performance from your heating equipment then a two-stage furnace is the right choice for you!

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